99 Website Traffic Generation Strategies Used By Tutorman

The most important strategies to advertise or promote a website that sells digital products.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve your website’s ranking on search engines. Service: Moz
  2. Content Marketing: Share useful content that helps your audience. Service: HubSpot
  3. Social Media Marketing: Promote your products on social media platforms. Service: Hootsuite
  4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Buy visits to your site. Service: Google Ads
  5. Email Marketing: Send promotional emails to your subscribers. Service: Mailchimp
  6. Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers in your niche. Service: AspireIQ
  7. Affiliate Marketing: Let others sell your products for a commission. Service: ShareASale
  8. Guest Posting: Write posts for other blogs to get backlinks. Service: GuestPost.com
  9. Webinars: Host online workshops to promote your products. Service: Zoom
  10. Podcasting: Start a podcast to reach a new audience. Service: Anchor
  11. YouTube Marketing: Create videos to promote your products. Service: YouTube
  12. Instagram Ads: Promote your products on Instagram. Service: Instagram for Business
  13. Facebook Ads: Use Facebook’s ad platform to reach your target audience. Service: Facebook Ads
  14. LinkedIn Ads: Reach professionals with LinkedIn advertising. Service: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  15. Twitter Ads: Promote your products to Twitter users. Service: Twitter Ads
  16. Reddit Ads: Reach the Reddit community with ads. Service: Reddit Advertising
  17. TikTok Ads: Reach younger audiences with TikTok ads. Service: TikTok for Business
  18. Pinterest Ads: Promote your products to Pinterest users. Service: Pinterest Business
  19. Snapchat Ads: Reach Snapchat’s users with ads. Service: Snapchat for Business
  20. Online Forums: Engage in relevant forums to promote your products. Service: Reddit
  21. Content Syndication: Republish your content on other websites. Service: Taboola
  22. Sponsored Content: Pay for your content to be featured on other websites. Service: Outbrain
  23. Direct Mail: Send physical mail to potential customers. Service: SendinBlue
  24. Public Relations (PR): Get media coverage for your products. Service: Cision
  25. Radio Advertising: Advertise on local or internet radio. Service: iHeartMedia
  26. TV Advertising: Create commercials for your products. Service: Comcast Spotlight
  27. Google Shopping Ads: Display your products in Google’s shopping tab. Service: Google Ads
  28. Amazon Ads: Advertise on the world’s largest ecommerce platform. Service: Amazon Advertising
  29. Bing Ads: Reach users of Microsoft’s search engine. Service: Microsoft Advertising
  30. Quora Ads: Reach the Quora community with ads. Service: Quora for Business
  31. Influencer Marketing Platforms: Connect with influencers to promote your products. Service: Upfluence
  32. Mobile App Ads: Advertise on mobile apps. Service: InMobi
  33. Podcast Advertising: Advertise on popular podcasts. Service: Midroll
  34. Video Advertising: Create video ads for your products. Service: Vimeo
  35. Event Sponsorship: Sponsor events to promote your brand. Service: SponsorMyEvent
  36. Print Advertising: Use traditional print media to reach your audience. Service: Valpak
  37. Outdoor Advertising: Use billboards, transit ads, etc. to reach your audience. Service: Outfront Media
  38. Product Giveaways: Give away your product for free to generate buzz. Service: Rafflecopter
  39. Content Discovery Platforms: Promote your content on other websites. Service: Revcontent
  40. Crowdfunding: Get your audience to fund your product. Service: Kickstarter
  41. Community Building: Create a community around your brand. Service: Discord
  42. SMS Marketing: Send promotional messages to your customers. Service: Twilio
  43. Direct Selling: Sell your products directly to consumers. Service: Shopify
  44. Joint Ventures: Partner with other businesses to promote each other. Service: Partnerships.com
  45. Influencer Marketplace: Find influencers to promote your products. Service: GRIN
  46. Cross-Promotion: Partner with a complementary business to promote each other. Service: CoPromote
  47. Affiliate Networks: Use networks to find affiliates for your products. Service: CJ Affiliate
  48. LinkedIn Networking: Connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Service: LinkedIn
  49. Facebook Groups: Engage in relevant Facebook groups. Service: Facebook
  50. Networking Events: Attend events to promote your business. Service: Meetup
  51. Remarketing: Show ads to people who have visited your site. Service: AdRoll
  52. Local SEO: Improve your local search engine rankings. Service: Yext
  53. Push Notifications: Send notifications to users who have enabled them. Service: OneSignal
  54. Live Chat: Engage with customers in real time. Service: Intercom
  55. User-Generated Content: Encourage customers to share content56. about your products. Service: Yotpo
  56. SMS Gateways: Reach customers through text messages. Service: ClickSend
  57. Media Buying: Purchase ad space on websites, TV, radio, etc. Service: MediaMath
  58. Brand Partnerships: Partner with other brands for mutual benefit. Service: Partnership Marketing Hub
  59. Blogger Outreach: Get bloggers to write about your products. Service: NinjaOutreach
  60. In-App Advertising: Advertise within mobile apps. Service: AppLovin
  61. Display Advertising: Use banner ads on relevant websites. Service: BuySellAds
  62. Native Advertising: Ads that match the look and feel of the media format. Service: Taboola
  63. Programmatic Advertising: Use software to buy digital advertising. Service: The Trade Desk
  64. Contextual Advertising: Show ads based on the user’s context. Service: Google Adsense
  65. Sponsorship: Sponsor events, teams or individuals. Service: SponsorPitch
  66. Web Push Notifications: Send notifications to subscribers when they’re not on your site. Service: PushEngage
  67. User Onboarding: Improve the new user experience to increase conversions. Service: Userpilot
  68. Conversion Rate Optimization: Test and optimize your site for conversions. Service: Optimizely
  69. A/B Testing: Test different versions of your site to see which performs better. Service: VWO
  70. Gamification: Make your marketing strategy more engaging by adding game elements. Service: Badgeville
  71. Podcast Sponsorship: Sponsor a popular podcast. Service: AdvertiseCast
  72. VR/AR Advertising: Advertise in virtual or augmented reality. Service: Unity
  73. Chatbot Marketing: Use chatbots to engage with users. Service: ManyChat
  74. Multilingual SEO: Optimize your site for different languages. Service: Weglot
  75. Mobile Advertising: Advertise on mobile devices. Service: AdMob by Google
  76. QR Codes: Use QR codes to direct users to your site. Service: QR Code Generator
  77. Video Marketing: Use videos to promote your product. Service: Wistia
  78. Referral Marketing: Encourage users to refer others to your site. Service: ReferralCandy
  79. Micro-Influencer Marketing: Partner with influencers with a small but dedicated following. Service: HYPR
  80. Personal Branding: Build a strong personal brand. Service: BrandYourself
  81. Retargeting Ads: Show ads to users who have visited your site. Service: Retargeter
  82. Coupon Marketing: Offer coupons to attract new customers. Service: Groupon
  83. Cause Marketing: Partner with a charity to improve brand perception. Service: Pledgeling
  84. Content Curation: Share relevant content from others. Service: Curata
  85. Geofencing: Advertise to users based on their location. Service: Simpli.fi
  86. Digital Out-of-Home Advertising: Advertise on digital billboards, screens, etc. Service: Adomni
  87. Community Engagement: Engage with your community to build trust. Service: FeverBee
  88. Ephemeral Content: Use disappearing content to create urgency. Service: Snapchat
  89. Content Optimization: Optimize your content for search engines. Service: Yoast SEO
  90. Storytelling: Tell compelling stories about your brand. Service: Pixar’s Khan Academy Course
  91. Customer Testimonials: Use testimonials to build trust. Service: Testimonial Engine
  92. Press Releases: Use press releases to share news about your business. Service: PR Newswire
  93. Competitions: Run a competition to generate buzz. Service: Gleam
  94. Influencer Gifting: Send free products to influencers in exchange for promotion. Service: InfluencerBoxes
  95. Data-Driven Marketing: Use data to inform your marketing decisions. Service: Google Analytics
  96. Augmented Reality Experiences: Engage users with AR. Service: Snapchat Lens Studio
  97. Corporate Social Responsibility: Show that your business cares about social issues. Service: Causecast
  98. Co-Branding: Partner with another brand for a joint project. Service: BrandBucket
  99. Direct Response Marketing: Encourage immediate action from your audience. Service: Unbounce

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