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Hey Freedom Seeker, Leo here :-)
Digital strategist, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.
I’m here to serve you, give massive value and to complete a legacy!
1. Back Story:
I had been working in China as a teacher where I met my wife. We had a son called Dana. In 2012, our son turned 1, and I now had a new dream.
2. What’s My Goal and Dream?
I started a business online to make the money to finance a better life for my family.
Using my smart phone I recorded my first ever story video.
 I didn’t know it at the time, but by taking imperfect action, and making mistakes was the key for me to move me closer to my dream!
Golden Nugget #1 - Take Imperfect Action
I searched Google for ‘make money online’, but I just ended up going around in circles.
After 3 months working on my online business full-time, I had failed miserably making ONE $17 commission selling one affiliate product called ‘Simple Mobile Pro’.
I finally listened to my wife and with ‘my tail between my legs’ I went back to work as an English teacher.
I Had Made The 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes:
1. I had no mentor with fruit on the tree;
2. I had no proven recorded step by micro-step training program that I could follow;
3. I had no focus and no one to help me to overcome my online challenges when I encountered them.
In December 2012, I create a name for my business, and myself. I am now known as Tutorman.
I buy the domain Tutorman.com
3. The Guide:
A man I meet at a car dealership tells me about an online guru.
When I get home I Google him, find his website, and I opt in.
He offers me a ‘free’ ticket to his live seminar.
I attend his live seminar and when he says, ‘if you would like to partner with me,
there is a desk at the back of the room where you can sign up’.
I buy his coaching program and he teaches me about digital product creation, and marketing.
I create an expert interview script and interview my class mate Judy, an Amazon Kindle self-publishing author.
I promote his program making my first $1000 sale.
Good or good?
I interview my mentor Brett on Youtube, recording the interview which I then use to help write my first e-book,
Product Superhero.
Cool or cool, it's absolutely awesome!
Golden Nugget #2 - Find a Mentor.
4. The Journey:
I continue to learn from different online experts and I spend tens of thousands on their informational products;
‘how to’ education programs; on tools; and on online advertising and I make many mistakes.
I have a hard drive full of guru strategies, that I might use ‘one day’.
I’d like to thank my guru mentors. Having a mentor always gives me confidence and even makes me feel ‘unstoppable’.
I continue to consume the digital products of different mentors.
I read e-book after e-book and watch video after video;
Inch by inch, I become an expert in digital strategy,
building websites and sales funnels,
digital product and offer creation,
business automation and follow up campaigns;
targeted traffic generation and conversions!
It’s My Birthday in February 2016:
- I set my goals and dreams,
to make more money in 2016 than I ever had in one year and
 to get fitter than I have ever been before;
- *I write them down on paper;
It's very powerful when you write them down because something magical starts to happen when you start to
work towards your goals and dreams!
- A guy I met at a laptop millionaire seminar, invites me to a
‘Bitcoin opportunity meeting and I tell him ‘that’s a scam’.
 I do not have a vehicle, a way to take me from where I am 'on welfare'
to where I want to be, which is 'financially free',
- So I pray for a miracle;
- I remember Bitcoin Opportunity and I call David and ask him to show me his opportunity.
- We attend the ‘Bitcoin Opportunity’ meeting.
- Mike hosting the meeting introduces the presenter Patricia,
the best dressed ‘rich’ woman I had ever seen.
- I decide then to become a global leader in it!
- Mike the ‘6 million dollar man’ becomes my mentor.
- I exercise early every morning at the gym and I take consistent daily action (spending an hour a day)
'taking action' doing what I had learned from my mentors and I build that business;
- I build a sales funnel and
- Using my iPhone and screen capture software I record and produce presentations,
- and over the shoulder step by step instructional videos,
- and proof videos that I upload to Youtube and Facebook to share with the world.
- I work with mentor Mike and we make a few good wins!
*The plan works and after 70 days on the 20th of April, 2016 I am making enough passive income to get off welfare.
- I am making more money than I ever had in a year, and I am fitter physically than I have ever been.
- I’m super fit and I play my first game of football in 24 years!
- I write the e-book My Case Study How I Retired!
 Cool or Cool? It’s Absolutely Awesome!
Golden Nugget #3 - Write Down Your Goal with a Completion Date!
5. The Challenge - My Biggest Emergency
It's 2:34 am on June 18th, 2016, and I'm walking up and down in the Box Hill Hospital and
like an ‘arrow passing through my heart’ I feel my 5 year old son and best mate' Dana die.
He passes away due to an undetected brain tumor, called a medulloblastoma.
*My Calling In Life:
To bring meaning and positivity to the passing of my son and best mate Dana,
I decide to create a legacy in his name. I write my goal down on paper!
3 Goals for Dana’s Legacy:
1. A Charity for Dana’s Legacy;
2. Develop Tumor and Cancer Early Detection Device to Give to Hospitals and Medical Centers;
3. Give Funds to Research and Development Department.
*This is my calling in life, my reason why, why I do what I do!
- I lose all focus and suffer mental illness,
like anxiety and panic attacks...
*My income increases to $28,000 per month and I become semi-retired, and
decide to travel to the places I had always wanted to visit.
I visit Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Perth, Margaret River and the Tropical Island Resort!
I help that company make $6.6 million dollars but 'the money stops coming in at the end of 2016.
6. Conflict
The I.C.O. opportunity fails because the company boss performs an exit scam.
The company collapses!
Trusting my friends online I join other cryptocurrency iCOs and investments and get scammed many times!
7. New Discovery:
In search for a way to make Dana's Legacy a reality, my research leads me to discover the truth behind the world's biggest cryptocurrency secret!
Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!
What is 'The Cryptocurrency Secret?'
Click the Link Below to Learn The Cryptocurrency Secret or go to CryptocurrencySecrets.com
Leo Hokkanen, also known as Tutorman
Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

Disclaimer: Affiliate marketing can be risky! I do not guarantee that you will make any money at all. Success online requires skill, hard work and doing things in the certain way. My Case Study How I Retired is proven by me, but your results will vary! 

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