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Leo R. Hokkanen

I was born in Melbourne.
Mobile: 0466 662 316.

Hey Friend, Leo here 😉
Digital Strategist, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder, and also known as Tutorman
I’m here to serve you; give massive value and to complete a legacy!

Digital Strategist

This is what I do!
The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is creating our reason why in the center circle. This is why we do what we do. The middle circle illustrates how we do what we do and the outer circle includes the specific things we must do to make things happen! This is what Steve Jobs did with Apple! His initial vision or reason why was to “put a computer in the hands of everyday people.”

Create Your Success Story Video!

The 7 Steps to Tell Stories That Sell By Tutorman
1. Your story needs a hero and that’s You!
So introduce yourself.
2. There is a ‘Back Story’, when your share how and where you got started.
And ‘Share your Goal’ and this is the same goal that your target market has!
3. There is a ‘Guide’ who leads you to a discovery.
Someone who leads you to someone or shares something that gets you closer to your goal.
4. There is a Tool: that they told you about that you start to use that is significant in your quest for victory.
It may even be a strategy that they told you, so share it with your reader/listener!
This is not the end of your story, but just the beginning…
Your target customer needs to know you like you and trust you and they will see that you are the one to help them and not your ‘guide’ or mentor.
5. Adventure:
You experienced some success from your ‘Guides’ advice but you really failed. What did you try and what milestones did you reach?
6. There were ‘Challenges’ slowing you down:
There are some pain points with your target customer right now!
Those failures left you feeling like shit.
Your ‘guide’ didn’t give you the secret sauce as you thought he did.
Show your emotion! Tell your target customer what’s wrong with all your competitors’ products and services.
Tell your target customer why your solution is better!
7. There is a New Discovery and this is the secret that nobody else knows.
This new discovery is your product or service offering.
There is also a Victory where you live the life of your dreams.

Create Your Lead Magnet:
The product I’m promoting is:
3 Top Benefits are:
My perfect customer is someone who…
My Customer’s biggest challenge is…
My Product solves this challenge by…
The Journey:
Show 4 steps in the journey of discovery.
Create 4 videos giving value by solving your target customers biggest pain point/problem.
Powerful Hooks:
Write 5 headlines:
The 5 Irresistible Benefits:
Call to Action:
‘Get Instant Access’

Write Your Sales and Video Sales Letters:

1. INTRODUCTION – Fun and Easy Environment
2. GRAB ATTENTION – Bring Them into the Conversation, Excite Imagination
3. INDUCE A “YES” STATE! Get Audience to Agree! 7 Yeses = Control
4. FRAMING – Make a BIG promise, Show them the “Agenda”
5. CREDIBILITY – You’re Past Successes, Borrow Credibility, and What Makes You Different?
6. STORY – STORY DOWN, How You Got Started, Aspiration and Frustration
7. CRASH – Your Rock Bottom and How You Felt
8. STORY UP – What changed you! Life Because of the “system/product”
9. FAMILY & LIFESTYLE! What is your family life like Because of your new found success!
10. TARGET PROBLEM – No Results, Overwhelm, Point Out Specifics
11. “TWIST THE KNIFE” Show Stats, Turn up The Pain
12. OFFER SOLUTION Talk about Your “WHY”, Introduce Your Product
People Buy Benefits, Not Features! What They Get, What Will You Do For Them?
14. THE BIG “WHY” What’s Your “Fight”? What Drives You?
15. SHOW PROOF/TESTIMONIALS – Personal Proof, Borrowed Proof (don’t forget disclaimers!) The More Proof the Better, Make Sure it’s Legit!!!
16. SELL THE BIG VISION – Make a Difference, Future Pacing, “BE PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF” Sell the DREAM, Talk in Terms of “US”, It’s NEVER About Just You!
17. CALL TO ACTION – Be Specific and Certain! Confidence! Confidence!
18. WHY ACT NOW? Why Should They Buy Now Instead of 2 Months From Now? Special Deal? Offer?; Bonuses?; Limited Availability?
19. FAST ACTION BONUSES – Limited in Quantity? Limited in Time?
20. TIME-LIMITED OFFER WORKS LIKE MAGIC :o) Don’t Abuse this technique

Find Your Ideal Customer:
Ask these 9 questions:
1. Where does your avatar live?
2. Where do they research?
3. What challenges do your target customer’s have?
4. What do they dream and hope?
5. What are they afraid of?
6. How do they communicate?
7. How do they speak?
8. What does your avatars day look like?
9. What makes your avatar happy?

Digital Product Creation
EBooks can be .pdf files; Kindle books; video transcripts and articles are some examples of written digital products!

A video can be a story video; an interview of an expert; a presentation; a recorded live webinar; instructional or educational videos, etc.

Marketing System, Sales Funnels and Websites:
1. The marketing system is an all-in-one sales funnel with business automation.
2. Sales funnels can be designed using various funnel builder software, including ClickFunnels.
3. Websites and blog sites can be designed on WordPress.
4. Themes, plugins, and integrations are added to give functionality to the site.
5. Content, images, articles and videos are added to give the visitor value.
6. Search Engine Optimization is added so that customers can find our products and services more easily in the search engines such as Google.
7. Analytics and tracking is added to measure what is happening on the site;

Business Automation:
An optin form can be added to the site to collect a visitor’s information, such as a name and email and in return, we give them a gift to their email inbox.

Using automation, autoresponder emails and broadcasts can be sent to inform subscribers about the information you want to share with them.

Automation helps to guide the visitor through an educational journey and to help them achieve milestones that solve their biggest pain points!

Website Traffic Generation:
I had learned free and paid traffic strategies; getting targeted visitors to click the link for fewer than 10 cents each. Adding tracking and remarketing and good value in the sales funnel helps to convert a visitor into a customer.

Google, Facebook, YouTube traffic are some methods you may need to master if you are a ‘DIY money saver’.

I’m also proficient in creating paid advertising campaigns using YouTube; Google Adwords; Microsoft Ads and by using other traffic methods or media sources.

Video Marketing Expert:
Copywriting is used to create a sales and video sales letters.
I give massive value and solve my ideal customers biggest pain points.
I give value through educational videos.
The more value I give, the more people like and trust me!

I am a specialist in YouTube Marketing, ranking videos on page 1 of YouTube search and ranking highly on Google to generate ‘free’ targeted traffic.

I understand the YouTube algorithm, and as a result there is unlimited free traffic waiting to be captured.

Other Skills:

Network Marketing:
I had built a successful online affiliate network of 7000 sales representatives before. I had also worked as a sales manager and offline network marketer with Amway (Household, personal care, cosmetic and nutritional products) and Nuskin (Skincare and Nutrition) with great results.

Toastmasters International:
I completed presentations as part of the communication and leadership program at Shanghai #1 Toastmasters Club. I had meeting roles such as host, speaker, and evaluator. As VP Membership I would help to recruit members.

Multilingual – English, Finnish and Mandarin.

Employment History

1988 – 1993 – Mainframe Computer Operations; Data Security; Production Services. I worked at National Mutual (AXA) Computer Services in Flinders Lane Melbourne and at Tally Ho Technology Park.

1994 – Market Researcher. AGB McNair, Sydney.

1994 – 1997 – Amway Distributor in Australia and China.
I achieved the sales person of the month in April 1994 and was a ‘Gogetter’ 4 times.

1997 – 2013 – English Teacher (My day job).
Various Schools, Universities and Language Centers in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou.
Teaching English as a Second Overseas Language.

I had also worked as a Migration Consultant; Actor for Television Ads; Sales Manager and Extra in movies.

Corporate Trainer in Multinational Companies. Proctor and Gamble; Siemens, etc. Curriculum Development for Language Centers. Children’s Teaching Experience. Adult Teaching: Private and Salon Class Teaching.

Sales Representative and Manager in China.
I worked for Nuskin Enterprises (Pharmanex) as a sales representative in 2005. I also worked in a Formula 1 Carnival as a sales manager at Hongqiao Stadium Shanghai, supervising 4 staff members.

2013 – 2016 – Full-time Dad, and student of the digital marketing experts.

2016 – 2017 – Affiliate Marketer.
I built a successful network and sold 6 million euro worth of cryptocurrency mining services to more than 2000 investors.

2018 – 2019 – Investor in a Blockchain token project. As a ‘VIP’, I attended several blockchain conferences in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

At the Shenzhen Cultural Assets and Equity Exchange (Raffles Shenzhen), I experienced an ‘insiders’ view of the new blockchain revolution in China. I met and engaged with Chinese investors; general managers of state run exchanges (government); state run company employees, marketing managers and business promoters!

SEO Specialist:
It’s best to hire someone with strong knowledge of SEO, SEM and PPC;
You will need a search engine strategy to increase a company’s search engine rankings.

SEO takes 3,6, even 12 months to rank a website for certain ‘buyer’ keywords. It’s detailed technical work that is boring repetitive work and there is no guarantee of results until you can rank in the first few positions of Google search!

Commercial Experience:

1. Laverton Bowling Club:
I developed the website from scratch with WordPress. See reference below!
2. Great Water Filters Servicing Pty Ltd. I worked as an SEO Specialist and trained the CEO in SEO!
3. TCT Global Inc. ‘The Club Token’:
I’m currently working on a side project in the resort and gaming industry and I have ranked the site to #5 on Google; #1 on; #1 on and #1 on
Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

  1. I have experience in successfully developing websites using WordPress and ClickFunnels.
  2. I understanding Google and YouTube search engine algorithms and ranking methods;
  3. I have experience using software for research, analytics and tracking.
  4. I perform site SEO analysis to look for areas of improvement with the key content areas and then fix those problems quickly and easily;
  5. Industries worked in include health and wellness; finance and crypto-currency; resorts and gaming; and digital information products;

References and Attachments:
Go to:

Certificate of Appreciation for Leo Hokkanen
Kangan Richmond community web project working on the Laverton Bowling Club website.

Reference Letter 1 – WordPress Website Development (Philip Rose)
Download 1 Reference Letter for Leo Hokkanen – Philip Rose

Reference Letter 2 – Business Development (Nadeem Kasmani)
Download 2 Reference Letter for Leo Hokkanen – Nadeem Kasmani

Reference Letter 3 – Personal Reference (Penelope Borg)
Download 3 Character Reference Letter – Penny Borg

Testimonial 1 – V. Biggs

Testimonial 2 – I. Shah

My Passion:

I provide massive value in my capacity as a digital strategist;
I like to tell stories that sell and use magnetic marketing strategies to attract and then solve my target customer’s biggest problems online or offline.

Job Objective:
I am interested in working as a digital strategist with a business owner/company to double their sales!

Health, Wealth and Happiness:
It starts with the mind and body. I am fit in mind and body; I run 5 km twice a week, and walk for 45 minutes every day; I read positive thinking books; I like watching transformational videos and Shark Tank.

I am 100% free to work for a suitable employer any time and can be contacted on this mobile number: (+61) 0466 662 316.

Leo Hokkanen