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As your marketing coach, I give you a customized marketing blueprint to solve your biggest challenge. I will guide you step by step in real time for instant success.

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Hey Friend, Leo here 🙂

I’m here to serve you, give massive value in my capacity as a marketing coach and 7 figure digital marketer, and to complete a legacy!

If you are a business owner, a solopreneur or a new marketer, then I have a blueprint to help you overcome your biggest online challenge.

Leo Hokkanen

Imagine If – You had an entrepreneur as your coach in your corner?

Imagine If – You had a proven blueprint to follow that was step by step?

Imagine If – You had focus and someone to help you overcome your challenges in Real Time?

Work with Me and you will learn how to start and grow your dream business step by step with me!

I will show you the secrets that you can use for your business that have generated more than $500,000 per month.

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

Business Owner

Value for Business Owners

Hire Me and I will work IN your business so that you can focus ON your business!

I could setup the systems to 10X Your Business in 90 days or less.

Watch ‘Free Workshop’ to learn more, or hire me to get started now!


Value for Solopreneurs

Your Shortcut to online business success is the Ultimate Marketing System.

You can request to Partner with Me and then promote the best active and passive income earning opportunity on the planet.

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Value for Newbies

Your marketing coach will help you focus.

He will give you a proven step by step marketing strategy, called a Tutorman Blueprint and guide you to overcome any of your technical challenges in real time.

Tutorman Blueprint
Tutorman Blueprint

Tutorman Blueprints

Save years of you life trying to succeed online and save tens of thousands of dollars buying stuff that doesn’t work! 

F@$% the Gurus that sell shiny flashy objects and spam you with emails to buy buy buy more of their shit!

Instead use proven marketing blueprints and ‘Done For You’ systems to start and grow your dream business at warp speed.

Work with Tutorman and overcome your technical challenges or lack of experience in real time!

Tutorman Recommends these marketing blueprints to help you start and grow the business of your dreams step by step with Tutorman.

1. Website Blueprint

2. Product Creation Blueprint

3. Business Automation Blueprint

4. Free Website Traffic Blueprint

5. Advertising Blueprint 

I’m Different Because

Select any blueprint and receive FREE marketing coaching from Tutorman.

Cool or Cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

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Tutorman is dependable, reliable, and skillful.”


“His motto is helping people to help themselves. He has technology and he will do his level best to help you succeed.”

Partner with tutorman

proven step by step program

Meet with success


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