When is it a good time to invest in your branding?

First, let’s consider the question: Is there such a thing as branding your business too early? I think there is.

• It’s too early if you’re not sure what your business will offer.

• It’s too early if there’s a high chance your business will go in a very different direction 6 months from now.

• And it’s definitely too early if it’s not clear who your target audience is.

So! If there’s such a thing as branding your business too early, then at what point do you know it IS a good time to start investing in your branding? If that’s something you’ve been wondering, here are some good indicators for you to consider!

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Even if your business is still relatively young, if you know you’ve done enough to validate the services you offer then it could be time to go all in. And by validating your services, I generally mean you’ve worked with clients. Enough of them to know you’ve got something that people need and there’s enough demand of it to support your business.

At that point, it becomes a matter of finding ways to attract more potential clients to your business — and this is where branding can be a powerful tool. It helps you establish your professionalism, so you look credible and are taken seriously. It also helps to improve the visibility of your business, by allowing people to familiarise themselves with who you are and what you do as you market your business.

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